Writing on the mat, day 3

Recap: I’m combining two of my daily activities – writing and Pilates – to see how they impact on each other, and on my emotional and physical life.  Each day, I write for 10 minutes, do Pilates for 20 minutes, then write for 10 minutes more.  These are my notes and observations…

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Day 3 – Before Pilates

Today’s writing reflects a more stable and positive emotional state – partly due to my experiment with engaging my core.  After yesterday’s Pilates, I decided to try engaging my core whenever I felt an emotional slump:

Each time I began to feel a mental slump, it was accompanied by a physical slump, so I literally “pulled myself together”

If you’re going through an emotional time, I can recommend trying this trick.  It forces you to stop, take a deep breath, and re-centre yourself – it only takes a second, and I found that it was enough to disrupt a negative train of thought.

Otherwise, I was aware of some physical discomforts, and decided to try using these to make me more aware of my movements.

After Pilates

A little low on energy today

A little low on energy today

Though I had been feeling more emotionally positive, I noted that my 20 minutes of Pilates had passed slowly for the first time, and that I had felt very tired.  I began listing possible reasons for this:

Too much wine last night with a heavy meal; having had breakfast too recently – it was quite sugary so my blood sugar may be high; not having slept very well; anticipation of a shift of work that I’m not looking forward to.

Suddenly, I had a raft of problems which I wasn’t previously aware of.

Is it a help or a hindrance to know about these problems? It means I can take better care of myself throughout the day, but it also means that my frame of mind is of somebody unwell – I could have compounded a series of relatively minor problems.

For the first time, I saw the possible negative impact of writing around my Pilates.  Rather than getting up and moving on, I had examined problems, and ended up feeling negative where I had started feeling positive. Confined to 10 minutes of writing, I didn’t have enough time to work through these problems, but simply unearthed them.  I tried to leave them behind on the page as I went about my day.


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