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Welcome to the home of the EWRN – a collective of writers with an interest in exploring physicality, health, movement, and creative expressions of the body.

“Contemplating the eternal verities

is very bad news for the scapula

give up literature my friend

your shoulder blade will thank you for it”

– Brian McCabe, Scapula

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About the EWRN

The EWRN was established by Expressive Writing practitioner & Pilates teacher, Louise Fellows.

I observe bodies every day, and strive to cross the divide between verbal instruction and physical action.  However, the greater challenge is trying to interpret what a client feels. Very few of us consider our bodies outside of the doctor’s surgery, which means that we are ill-equipped to express or even identify our physical experiences.  My ‘Writing on the Mat’ workshops go some way to exploring this problem, but there is much more work to be done.

“We are literally losing touch, becoming disembodied, more than in any previous historical period”
– Robert MacFarlane (2011)


I decided to establish EWRN with 3 main objectives in mind:

Engage with other practitioners

Let’s get together and pool our ideas, share the most powerful, and work towards a body of knowledge which benefits our writing and the people that we work with.

Engage differently with the wider public

Taking a research-based approach changes the dynamic with those that we work with, allowing a reciprocal relationship in which participants’ writing, and their reflections on the writing process, has the potential for enormous insight into our work.

Engage with the theories surrounding our ideas, and take a more critical approach

It can be difficult to dedicate time and resources to research.  Let’s look for ways to support each other and make that happen. The more informed we become, the better equipped we’ll be to communicate with the many practitioners from different fields who could benefit from our research.

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