True Leaves was established in 2014, by Creative Writing Practitioner, Louise Fellows.

Louise’s story

profilepic1I’ve always loved stories, and always believed in their magic.  I was lucky enough to be read bed-time stories every night as a child, and from there, my love of reading grew and grew – I lived vicariously through Roald Dahl’s Matilda, C.S. Lewis’ Lucy (Queen of Narnia) and yes, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter.

I went on to study English Literature for 6 years – first as an undergraduate, then as a part-time post graduate, both at the University of Edinburgh.  I still loved literature, but I began to feel disenchanted with constantly pulling it apart.  The magic became lost in essays and deadlines, and squeezed between part-time jobs to fund student life.  I also live with Type 1 Diabetes, and increasingly this seemed to get in the way – I felt distracted and alienated from fictional worlds by my body’s constant reminder of reality.  That’s when I discovered Writing for Wellbeing.

In September 2013, I attended a weekend workshop run by Lapidus on “Living with the Reality of Uncertainty”, and was immediately hooked on the idea the writing could be used to make me feel good.  It didn’t have to be a source of stress, and it didn’t have to be a battle between mind and body; it could be a way of reconciling the two.

A few days later, I was accepted onto the Metanoia Institute’s “Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes” MSc.  I have now completed my PGDip, and have learned a vast amount about the ways in which writing can support people from all walks of life.  It’s not about spelling, grammar and criticism; it’s about authenticity, discovery and fun.

Whoever you are, your story is important and it deserves to be told. I can’t wait to help you find the right words to tell it.

P.S. If spelling, grammar and criticism are what you need, I can do that too!

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