My approach to Pilates

My experience

My passion for Pilates comes from first-hand experience of its benefits.  I started attending classes several years ago, and quickly discovered that I could feel more co-ordinated, more in control, and more balanced in my day to day life, simply by learning to connect with my body.

Since then, I have completed Brigid McCarthy’s Fundamental Pilates Matwork Training and set out on a journey to find out more about the Pilates method and why it works.

I also have a PGDip in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes from the Metanoia Institute, which has strongly influenced my belief in people’s strength to move and change in positive ways.

Pilates Principles

 There are several interpretations of Joseph Pilates’ principles, taken from his publication “Your Health” (1934).  For me, the key aim of Pilates is to forge a better connection between body and mind, allowing us to stop ignoring our bodies, use them more efficiently, and learn to trust the feedback that they give us.

In order to achieve this, I have chosen just three of Pilates’ principles as the emphasis of my classes:

Breathing – Each class begins with establishing a full, deep, breathing pattern.  Although many of us aren’t used to this, it is a very useful tool for settling into class, opening the upper body and of course filling our lungs with the oxygen we need to exercise.

Flow – I believe that Pilates should feel good!  I teach flowing movements that make sense for the body, and which can hopefully promote an ease of movement which we can take into our daily lives.

Focus – learning to communicate with our bodies can be difficult, and we need to focus our attention inwards in order to do this.  I encourage focus during classes so that we can each get to know our own bodies, and get the most from each exercise.

If you have any questions about my classes or what to expect, please don’t hesitate to email me: – I’m happy to chat!