The benefits of Expressive Writing

In my work as an Expressive Writing practitioner I’ve been able to observe the benefits of Expressive Writing for myself.  These include:

Self-expression – Creative writing allows individuals to define themselves in whichever way they choose; whether this is as they live now, in terms of their past experiences, or in terms of their future ambitions.

“This is one of our most successful groups and the one which really brings out a different side to many of our members”

– Leigh, Rehabilitation Co-ordinator

 Positivity and mindfulness – Creativity can involve engaging with all of the senses, to encourage a connection with the surrounding world and focus on the present moment. For some, this is a welcome relief from ongoing concerns and difficulties.

Connecting and sharing – Creative writing groups are a powerful way for individuals to feel listened to and acknowledged, and to recognise one another’s experiences. Poems or stories written as a group also create a strong sense of belonging and shared achievement.

Confidence boosting – The process of writing a poem or short story can bring a valuable sense of achievement. Many of my clients surprise themselves by producing inventive, interesting and touching pieces of writing which they can be proud of.

“It’s hard to explain in a few words how amazing it is to see our members shine through their creative writing.  To see members grow in confidence is heart-warming, and the results have exceeded my expectations.”

Eilidh, Rehabilitation Assistant

Inclusivity – Creative writing provides an important outlet for those who are naturally more reticent, allowing time for them to process their thoughts before voicing them. With support from volunteer scribes or technology, creative writing can also be made accessible for people with disabilities.

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