Writing at school

English tuition

Whether you want to learn to love literature, or just get the grades you need, an hour each week of individual tuition can push you in the right direction.

I have experience tutoring school pupils from the age of 10 to 18, with excellent feedback from students and their parents.  If I haven’t already read the book you’re studying, I will quickly get to grips with it in order to offer you detailed, in-depth discussion and analysis.  My tutorials and resources are tailored to each individual, so that you get exactly the right support.

Studying English at school was what inspired me to spend seven years (and counting) learning more and more about the power of words. My passion comes across in the way I teach, and I aim to help even the most disinterested students find the joy in reading and writing.

Tutorials typically last one hour, and can take place in your home.


Applying for work or education

When it comes to leaving school, whatever you decide to do, you need be able to show off what you’ve achieved, and shout about your potential.

Writing can help you to discover your strengths and grow in confidence about your abilities, so that when you’re ready to apply for work or education, you can put your best possible self on the page.

Get in touch to find out more about how I can help you find and apply for the right opportunities for you.


Writing Workshops

Creative writing is not just for English lessons – it can be a valuable and enjoyable way for pupils to reflect and develop their ideas on almost any topic.

Writing workshops provide a safe, creative environment in which pupils can explore new topics, or take new approaches to familiar ideas. Through a series of writing exercises, pupils are given the chance to find their own voice, and develop their sense of identity as they become young adults.

Working together on a piece of writing or sharing creative work can also be a wonderful way for pupils to get to know each other, and gain a sense of belonging to a group.  This can work well at the beginning and end of a school year or a project, to identify goals and ambitions, and cultivate a sense of achievement.


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