Writing at work

Change the way your customer sees you

You know what inspires you, and what makes your business unique, but does your enthusiasm reach your target audience?

By writing about your passions and the story behind your business, you can uncover the heart and soul that’s really going to appeal to potential customers.  I can help you to choose the right words to put across clear information, in a way that your customer will care about.

Whether you’ve got something new to offer, or you just want a ‘facelift’ for your publicity, get in touch to see how we can work together.


Change the way your employees see themselves

Often, your employees are the face of your organisation, but do they really feel like an integral part of what you do?

Targeted writing workshops can be used to emphasise the ethos behind your organisation, and ensure that each and every employee feels personally invested in its success.  Writing can help employees to develop a sense of belonging and pride in their work, which of course results in a better performance when they get back to their day job!

Get in touch to enquire about a writing workshop for your team.


Discover new strengths and develop new ideas

Writing can help you to re-evaluate your goals, remember your ambitions, and develop personal strategies for realising your vision.  It is a great way to reinvigorate a stagnant workforce, or, if work feels overwhelming, to slow down and reassess your priorities.

Writing can be done as a workshop for you and your team, or on an individual basis, depending upon your needs.

If you are holding an AGM, conference or training day, I can also attend as a ‘writer in residence’ to provide a creative perspective on the themes of the day.  A poem inspired by your day can provide a welcome antidote to minutes and agendas, and it can be an effective way of summarizing and emphasising your outcomes.


If you are an innovative employer, open to creative approaches, get in touch to see how I can make your words work for you.




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